Free Festival 2021, tickets and line up!

Captured in silence, we are now determined to break free. As a collective of like minded souls, we are ready to journey towards our long awaited salvation. Together we will find our liberation in sound at Free Festival 2021. With the perspective of a guarantee fund offered by the government, a spot on the horizon for large-scale events has been made. Even though we are aware of the measures that can be taken, we hope to welcome you on July 3rd at the first harder styles event of 2021!

To offer all harder styles fanatics a chance to secure their Free Festival tickets in time, our ticket sales start on February 11th at 19:00 CET. Since times are tough and there’s still a chance Free Festival can’t take place we only ask for a €10 (ex fee) deposit. Check the FAQ at Loyalty & Early Bird tickets are already sold out.

After you’ve secured your ticket, there are two options:

✅ Free Festival can take place:
When we are 100% sure that Free Festival 2021 will take place on the scheduled date, you will receive an email with more information about your ticket(s) and the option to pay the rest amount of the ticket (Regular = €18,50 ex. fee). After fulfilling the complete payment you will receive the ticket(s).

⛔ Free Festival can’t take place:
When Free Festival 2021 can’t take place on the scheduled date, we directly offer a refund of your deposit (on request), the option to transfer your deposit into a voucher or to move the deposit to secure your ticket for the next edition.

Ticket sales start on February 11th at 19:00 CET at free We hope to see you at Free Festival 2021!